Jun 12, 2013

Reason One Why I Hoard Love Classes

... to learn something new, of course!  And yes ... OK I now know ... 37 classes in 12 years does not count as a hoard!  But I have this urge to sign up for every class I'm seeing lately ... including the new Photoshop Friday series at Jessica Sprague.

Learning something new
was reason enough to take the new Photoshop Friday series at Jessica Sprague ... and I'm in "learner heaven" from lesson one alone.

Lesson One was about extracting patterns, something that I though I knew most of what I needed to know, but I was wrong.  Even if you think you know a subject, the teacher could have her own spin on it, there can be a unique tip you didn't know about, or you can be inspired in a different way than usual.

I used the class to create this layout using a template from Jessica for the class, some of the elements from the template, and the digital kit Tangerine Dream from Jenni Bowlin Studio digital.  Ahem ... I'm a bit impressed ... if I do say so myself.


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