Jun 18, 2013

Have a Lightbulb Moment

I had an idea ... well a few of them ... ideas of things I want to accomplish ...

I want to post to my blog more.  So I'm formally setting up Tuesdays as one day of the week that I'll post something creative.  I use the word "creative" in the broadest sense of the word.  It may not be something creative that I've done ... it may even be a link back to someone else's blog with a great creative idea.  And I'm going to give it a go throughout the summer.  Although there are so many things pulling me in different directions in the summer, it tends to be a creative season for me.  And it's always good to be joggin' the noggin', isn't it?

So without further ado, here is my first installation of Creative Tuesday.

Have a Lightbulb Moment!

I found these little glass lightbulb jars for $1 at Christmas Tree Shops.  How adorable!  They're blank - I added the word "ideas" with rub-ons onto the front of the glass.

The trick about making the rub-ons look good is using a set of imperfect rub-ons - ones with a mixed, casual font so your placement on the glass doesn't have to be perfect.  I used the JBS Printer's Block Alpha, a great set of letters in varied sizes and fonts.

I placed a bunch of ideas of things to do during the summer in mine.  There are so many other lists you could add to your lightbulb:

things to do to bring back your mojo
things to do on a rainy day
things to do on your staycation
a "honey-do" list
journal prompts
artsy techniques to try

The lightbulb top is small, so you have to write or type on small strips of paper to shake them out. I also added sequins to mine because what's a great idea without sequins to brighten it even more?!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Such a cool and creative idea, Betsy. Love this!

  2. That lightbulb is amazing! Love that you put ideas on it with those fab JBS rub-ons.
    I will look forward to reading Creative Tuesdays here. :)

  3. Such a cute idea! I love it and will be sure to stop by on Tuesdays!!! :) Evie

  4. These are the cutest, little things ever, Betsy! Such an adorable idea! Really would love to get my hands on those little bulbs... Darling!


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