Sep 14, 2014

Nature Walk | Almost Autumn

A walk in the woods is beautiful no matter what the season, but to walk in the woods in autumn, or as today when autumn is just about ready to arrive ... well this time of year holds a special magic.

There are signs everywhere of the seasons changing.

... signs of a squirrel's snack ...

... the low light filtering through the still green leaves ...

... the dappled light on the paths ... you can't resist walking down each one ...

... the wild weedy white asters everywhere ...

...  bright and shocking berries against the brown dirt floor ... this one Jack in the Pulpit ...

... seed pods are everywhere if you look closely ... this one is an allium ...

It's a beautiful day in our neck of the woods.  I hope you are enjoying yours!

Sep 3, 2014

WOYWW 274 | The Year Long Simple Project

If any family / friends are reading this - the gift described with much pain below is a SECRET!  No talkin' k?

I'm participating in another WOYWW - this one is number 274 - wow!  Check out Julia's post who started this long running blog sensation here: Stamping Ground.

This is something different on my workdesk today, something which should have been fun, but has turned out to be a year of torture!  You see, a very dear childhood/neighborhood friend had a great idea.  He sent me a fishing fly that my grandpa tied and gave to him many many years ago.  My grandpa has well since passed and dear friend thought it would be a great idea if I could make something out of the fly for my brother's birthday ... he sent this in May 2013.  Dear friend even sent me money for supplies.  Brother's birthday was in August 2013.  Two birthdays have passed.  My dear friend still speaks to me, but he must think I'm weird, or troubled, or not really a crafter. Just pretending to be.

I was stuck - really stuck on what to do with it.  My original idea was shot down by dear friend.  At which point I knew I was making something that dear friend actually had opinions and ideas about.  That's what froze me.  I not only needed to make something I would like or my brother would like, but dear friend had to (rightfully) like it too.


Then finally it all came to mind.  Almost 1-1/2 years later I got a very simple idea and I'm hoping it will work.  Dear friend approves.  Whew.

I'm taking a graduation-type frame and am hanging the fly where the tassel would normally be.  The photo area will hold two sepia toned photos of my grandpa fishing from the 1930's.  I searched on ebay for gold foil fish that would look gorgeous with the sepia and will probably place one in between the photos.  I'm keeping it all very simple and will show you the finished project soon.

My biggest problem has been getting proper sepia tone copies of the beautiful sepia toned photos I have.  Every effort to reproduce them has given them a reddish brown color.  It is this yellowish/brownish/gold that I'm looking for:

I'll take any hints you may have for getting this done.  I've been trying on my own home printer and that could be the problem.  Next stop is a pro shop ... if they still exist.  Or perhaps I'm just being picky and that's why this has taken me 1-1/2 years to finish!

| very beginning stages |

Thanks for stopping by!

Sep 1, 2014

August's Top Five

Here we go.  August has come and gone like a flash.  It was a different kind of August this year.  We were minus one young man and there was very little humidity.  So yes, in many ways it felt different.

August was also a month of knee recovery, physical therapy, and a lot more work hours for me.  All good stuff, but left just little time to get to the beach, see family, and relax.  But here are the little details and special moments that caught my eye and got on "film".  I say "film" because getting it on "SD Card" just doesn't sound right, does it?

1.  The well placed weed.  The little path leading to the beach opens up to this view.  Beautiful, no?There's one very well placed flowering weed smack in the middle of miles of tumbled rock.  It's perfect there as I'm sure everyone who goes there must agree, because It's been left alone to bloom in its glory.

2.  Irresistible kids. These two little guys are new additions to the farm we frequent.  I have a thing about goats and these adorable babies are fueling my obsession.  These guys want to be petted and scratched and follow you bleating as you leave.  What do these goats say? "Take me home!" I dream.

3.  Local grown.  The  Farmer's Market has been open, but I haven't been able to go until the last weekend of August.  Going to it makes my day.  For one, I love supporting the family farms and businesses there, and two, they very often bring goats to ours.  Today I bought tomatoes, eggplant, and mozzarella.  Thinking of inventing my own gluten free eggplant lasagna today.

4.  More irresistible kids.  I buzzed up to see my sweet nieces get off their bus on their first day of school.  Full of smiles and hilarious chatter.  Although they are just a car ride away, I wish I lived closer.  They were so funny, I just had to document it on a scrapbook page using September's kit.

5.  Purple headed surprise.  This thistle sprung up quickly in my front yard.  I've never had a tall thistle on my property before and a run away seed must have made its home here.  I know they're invasive, but I'm keeping it because it just looks cool.  I've said that before with invasive plants that have sprung up on my property that eventually become out of control messes.  You'd think that I've learned my lesson?

have a great Labor Day!