Jan 23, 2015

Getting Crafty: Chalkboard Labeled Photoboxes

I did a pretty good job of organizing our Christmas ornaments when we put them away this year, but I did end up with a few piles that still needed storage.  I found a few photo boxes in the basement and wanted to add labels to them so putting the ornaments away year after year would be an easy job.

These were the boxes I started with.  Real cheap $1.00 boxes from one of the major craft stores.

I started taping off a rectangle on the top of the box.  I used painters tape.

My boxes had an embossed surface, so I painted on a layer of gesso first to even it out.

I then covered the top with two layers of chalkboard paint.

Once dry, I wrote the description of what was inside on the chalkboard label.  If I change my mind and want to change what's inside it's real easy to erase and redo.

I hope you have a crafty weekend!

Jan 12, 2015

Love My Mac ♥️ Leap Made

I've made the leap!  I've hesitated on upgrading my iMac and Macbook to the Yosemite OS for months.  There have been some user complaints and that scared me. But combine googling "Yosemite upgrade" and reading about the success many have had, with being too over tired to worry, and it became very easy to hit the upgrade now button.

The upgrade was seamless.  I had to reinstall XQuartz and Inkscape, but that no longer sends me into a panic (I need Inkscape) as I've had to do that with every other OS upgrade I've done.  All my apps work, many work better.  And I love the new look.  The icons and graphics are flat which was done to simplify them and hence create a more efficient working OS according to my local Genius.  It's easy on the eyes and calming.  I love how my desktop photo is blurred at the dock area and the entire desktop is blurred until I log in.  It's pretty.

Exploring the new OS has been fun.  iCloud is really the biggest change for me and I'll be attending a One to One training session to get all the ins and outs.  Sweet.

I know there are many PC users out there who swear by their PC and wouldn't get a Mac for their life.  But the days of spending hours - even entire days - fixing a PC problem at my house are gone.  I do miss my computer tech guy Ashton, though.  He was so interesting and fun to talk to.  But expensive.  He was worth every penny, but I don't miss the expense.  He was the one who encouraged me to make the switch to Mac.  Gotta love him for that.

Jan 4, 2015

Favorite Layouts from 2014

wow ... it's been 2 months ... here i am thinking out loud ...

i've never been one for New Year's resolutions, so I'm not going to start now.  but it seems like a good time to reevaluate ... perhaps think about how i want to use this blog ... and what i want to concentrate on ...

i feel a pull towards those things i've always loved since i was young ... perhaps i should embrace this pull when i can ...

i looked at my scrapbook pages this year and pulled out a few of my favorites and felt a sense of excitement ... if i can translate the things that i love about them into my head and hands then i think i can have a lot of fun creating more pages in 2015 ...