Jun 23, 2013

A Different Kind of Vintage ...

... are these roses.  Obtained from the Antique Rose Emporium many years ago.  They've withstood time, hard winters, blizzards, hurricanes, insects, the evil bind weed, and a husband who loves power saws.   I can't remember what type of rose it is. I just know I had looked in the print catalogue for an old rescued climbing rose that would survive through hardiness zone 7.

I know, the beetles have started already.  They're eating the leaves, but I just don't want to spray.

We've had such a beautiful breeze here this past week and with every little gust of wind, their beautiful perfume floats along with it.

And this year,  it has decided to wrap itself around the Shadblow and a robin has nested tight among the thorns against the lattice and the house.  I love little surprises like that.

If we ever had to move from this house, I think I'd need to take this rose with me.  Amazing vintage rose.

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