Jun 25, 2013

Visit Your Pharmacist & Sew With Twine

Here's a little trick.  And I particularly like it because the supply you need can be found at your friendly pharmacy.  Judy, the owner of Great American Stamp Store (Westport, CT) is full of great tricks and techniques and she was the one who told me about this one.  Have you ever tried to sew with twine or heavy string?  It's not too easy, is it?  Good luck finding a needle that has an eye large enough to handle the bulk of the twine and if you do, it most likely will leave a large unsightly hole.  

I wanted to make a card with one of my favorite cutting files.  I love the Jenni Bowlin whimsical girl that holds a star on a string.  I cut the paper star and string off and want to replace them with actual twine and a sparkly star.  In order to get the twine through the card, I need to use Judy's trick.

Sewing with twine is easy if you use a floss threader like the one below.  You can find them at your local pharmacy.

Poke a hole in your cardstock and stick the end of the threader through.

Stick an end of the twine through the loop at the top and start to pull the threader through the underside of the cardstock.  Pull the threader's loop all the way through; the twine will come through with it.

You can continue sewing with the twine by flipping your cardstock over and doing the same process from the other side.

So, yes! This pharmacist just loves Judy's trick.  Give it a try and have a very Creative Tuesday!


  1. Wowwwwwwwww! What an awesome tip!! I love it!! And I loveeeeeeeeee your card!! Beautiful!!! Totally pinning this idea!!!

  2. Such a great tip, Betsy. Thank you! I'm always eyeing my twine for sewing projects, but then go with floss instead because it's easier. Beautiful card too!

  3. Really cute card! What a brilliant way to use twine! Love it.

  4. I am going to use your handy trick!!! Adorable card

  5. Great tip, I've done that with a thin piece of wire before, but this seems really handy. I'll have to try it. Super card...and love that speckled blue paint(so pretty), now I'm gonna have to get some!!! :) Evie

  6. Happy Creative Tuesday! From the Tuesday crafters at Lapham...got tip!

  7. Such a great card! I love the realism of the movement.

  8. Nice card design. Thanks for the design and tips.
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  9. Genius trick! That little girl looks lovely as usual :)


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