Mar 16, 2013

If You're Playing Calvinball Do Not Do This

Do not google the following:

cute puppies
cute babies
cute puppies and babies
baby goats
pygmy goats
puppies and goats

because that's what I did last night when I really needed and wanted to get a lot of scrapping in.
I was entranced, entertained, amazed, and could not pull myself away from my computer screen.
... sigh ...

Here's my Calvinball point update:

CalvinBLOGing: 2 pt
the almighty layout: 3 pt
technology points: 3  pt
unofficial / official CalvinPoints: 7
Total to date: 14 CalvinPoints

Check out this thread and you'll see that I'm really not doing so well - but I'm quite inspired for the weekend!  I've got some ground to make up!

I'll leave you with a sweetie pie layout:

Created with the March Artisan kit from the JBS Mercantile.  A great kit packed with happy, fun, paper and embellishments.

I made that digital button from a digital JBS kit: JBS-ReaderButtons and that gave me an extra Calvinball point!  Using technology! Yes!

Have a great weekend - I hope you can get your crafty on and join us for Calvinball.  When you read the rules, you'll understand - it's never too late to play!

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