Mar 17, 2013

It Was Pillowcase Trim!

I had the most wonderful opportunity to be a guest teacher for Masterful Scrapbook Designs in November.  The topic of the month-long seminar was Old Photos.  One of the layouts I submitted for them used the most adorable red and white trim.  I inherited a lot of my grandma's old trim and sewing supplies. During my MSD interview, I remember saying this was trim from my family stash, and then questioning myself during the interview, and then being not so sure where I did get it.  Surprise, surprise when I saw this exact trim for sale at the JBS Mercantile Flea Market.  

So this is where I got that pretty piece of trim.  And what a surprise to learn that it's pillowcase trim! The scalloped edge is so pretty and it looks so sweet bunched up and gathered.  I think I need a few more yards!

This is the beauty of using unique, vintage items on your projects.  They become just that.  Unique!


  1. Great layout! The pillow case trim and the red ribbon and red brads look amazing together!

  2. Sooooo beautiful! LOVING the photos, the colors and that trim!!!


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