Mar 11, 2013

Thank You Mike Sutton

I've been using iGoogle as a home page for a couple of years now.

In case you're not familiar with it, iGoogle was a web page you could personalize with your own gadgets and feeds.  Mine was pretty simple, but it did the job for me.  It was my landing page, my home page.

I had feeds to a couple of my favorite websites, my google reader at a glance, a couple of clocks and calendars, weather, my gmail at a glance, and a translator so my dear sister-in-law couldn't get one over on me.  I hadn't changed it in years and didn't feel the need to. But I loved having it as my home page.

So you can imagine my disappointment (and that of thousands) when we heard iGoogle would be gone November 1, 2013.  Ugggh!  Now what will I do?  Where can I have all my "things" together in one place?

Online, you could read about people were scrambling to find a replacement.  I didn't find one that really suited my needs.  I had even started to create my own "home page" by trying to customize a blogger blog with feeds and gadgets, but I'm really not that tech savvy.

I was googling this weekend to see if an alternative had recently come up and I found igHome, developed by Mike Sutton.  THANK YOU Mike Sutton.  Not only does this replace iGoogle for me, it's even better.  Why I like it better probably has more to do with the enormous amount of time I've spent with it in just 2 days compared to the minutes of time i spent putting my iGoogle page together.

I love igHome.  It's in beta right now, but I haven't had any problems yet.

There are tons of gadgets - not the amount of gadgets that were available on iGoogle, but I can only imagine the number will increase.  Not only can I have my home page, but I can have tabs on my home page to give me even more pages to customize.  I'm finding the customization to be a great part of this product.  The background you see if from a personal photo.  There are themes, colors, etc to use.

On my second tab I have feeds to my favorite blogs that I can see at a glance ...

and on the third, some of my favorite websites shown at a glance.

I'm one happy camper.  I can delete that dang blog I was trying to customize into a home page.  If you're looking for a cool home page, that's customizable for your needs, with a good selection of gadgets that will certainly only grow, try igHome.

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