Nov 8, 2012

So Many Things & Crying in the Library

so many things to share. and so little internet in which to do so!

it does appear that the World Wide Web is a required commodity, isn't it?!  it's so very difficult to communicate without it!

and if you only own a desk top, as slim and cool as it may be, it's not the easiest thing to lug around.  nor take out of it's box and begin to set up in front of all the hip lap-toppers around you.

i think i need one of those 3rd company padded rolling things made for the iMac ... Christmas is coming ... as so is my internet ...  ;)

  and now onto the big point of this post and why i'm crying in the library:

I'm so excited to share that the November Issue is now up at Masterful Scrapbook Design:

 I pulled up the pdf in my internet-effecient library and started to read.  Then my throat started to close up, and there were tears welling in my eyes.  I was starting to cry and there are business men all around me clicking, faxing, sending, working ... and I was starting to cry. 

So I had to close it down.  Why was I tearing up?  For a couple of reasons, I think.  I loved reading the stories of how these layouts developed for these wonderful scrapbook artists.  And I loved what Debbie Hodge has done with her new format - and I guess I couldn't believe I was actually part of it.

Debbie has produced one gorgeous, informative, lovely, MAGAZINE.  This is not your mother's seminar.  This new format has been operating for a few months now and it is in.credible.  I think I was tearing up at Debbie's incredible work and talent too.  and as I write this, I realize I cannot forget Tami Taylor and Amy Kingsford, who are also a big part of this production every month.

and I've never met any of them ... I'm just flabbergasted and amazed!

hope you have happy tears today too!


  1. Oh, wow, girl! Now I can't wait to download it and read it!! I've been so busy playing with my Cameo, that I haven't gotten to MSD yet this month... lol Okay - I am going to try to read it this afternoon. ♥

  2. awesome Betsy~I'm happy for you~i bet it is amazing!!!!!


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