Nov 7, 2012

Hurricane Luck and a Craft Knife

First, my new best friend the craft knife, really helped this girl out to finish a layout without having any power. The layout was almost done ... but I needed to add something ... and this paper:

JBS Red Cross Stoves
plus a trusty craft knife ...

can give you some pretty awesome effects and possibilities.  I'll take 20 reams of this paper please.

And onto hurricane luck:

We were lucky ...

...  not one hit the house.

Praying for those not so lucky.

Keep warm, keep safe ...

(currently checking in from her wonderful church hall)


  1. Oh my gosh! So glad you're ok Betsy.

  2. The devastation is mind boggling. So thankful your house didn't get hit. Stay safe in this upcoming Nor'easter.

    1. Tx Lisa! did you ever get my email about winning the cut files last month? sorry- my email is a bit wonky ...

  3. It was so good to talk to you today~I can't beleive my eyes. Incrediable you weren't hurt or your house. Glad you are safe!!!! Blessing to you and yours!

  4. That layout looks adorable, loving that paper too and wow on the trees! Pretty amazing!

  5. Hi Betsy! I am glad you survived the storm okay. How much snow did you get last night? Your blog looks great,I haven't visited in a while and I've missed it! Love all the photos you used in this post as well as the design pictured above. Just one question though, whose great new relationship is beginning? ;)

    1. oh my gosh Beth - you are so darn observant - hee - it's cute - it's the first time John met his little cousin -

  6. Oh my word. My word. I am so thankful none of those trees hit your house, truly, my heart goes out to you. I told Adam about that large tree picture. How long will it take to get it all cleaned up?

    That layout --- I love what you did cutting out some of those crosses. It's subtle but adds just enough variation to the background.

  7. How frightening! I am so glad to hear that you all made it through safely.


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