Jun 4, 2012

Irish Dancers Kick Butt

Growing up Italian and Polish and holding those traditions as a 2nd generation kid, the ethnic dances that I was familiar with consisted of the Tarentella and the Polka.  My cousins and I danced tap and jazz. My only experience with Irish step dancing was seeing my friend Theresa O'Meara in her elaborate costume from time to time.  Other than that, Irish step dance was basically a mystery to me. As I grew up, and had kids of my own, I would listen to my friends, the Doyle family, talk about their daughter Bridget and her Irish Dance career, complete with hours of practice, necessary wigs, and waiting for that special dress to get to the US from Ireland in time for an important competition.

That was the closest Irish dance got to my family.  So who better to bring Irish dance into our lives, but my Mexican sister-in-law.

Both of my uber adorable nieces are in Irish dance and loving it.  This weekend I went to their outdoor Feis and was truly amazed at all the aspects that make up Irish dancing and competition.

First, the dresses:

... and the wigs which I hear are absolutely necessary!

Unless you're lucky enough to have natural Feis-worthy hair ...

and BLING!  yes, there's so much BLING!

These two American/Mexican/Italian/Polish cuties had so much fun ... and yes ... they kicked Irish Dance butt!


  1. Cute pics! Those wigs are crrrrazy!

  2. omg! Thanks for starting my day with a big smile!! They are so adorable!

  3. Hi Betsy!!!!! Lo g time, no talky:). How. The heck have you been? Those are two of the cutest little girls......adorable!


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