May 22, 2012

Sharing Our Spoons and Dad's Day

This is my first week of sharing my "spoons".  I wanted to focus on doing something fun for this the first time and I'm not listing all 5 categories like the other spoon sharers are doing.  Way too much work for me! LOL!

Something fun: Take time to treat yourself – maybe a pedicure or Starbucks (if you don’t typically splurge for specialty coffee)

What I did was hit 2 tag sales!  That's total fun for me.  And I scored a couple of cool things too:

OK - so I didn't really need another printer's tray, but this one was in such good condition and such a pretty light brown color.  I thought the flower frog was cute, too.

So building on this weekly list, this week I'm going to make an effort to be outside early in the morning each day.  I think it would be a great way to start the day ... and I think this would fit this category:

Mental/Emotional: take a day to be alone, write a letter, paint, etc

I posted a project up on the Mercantile Blog yesterday ...

A hybrid project that turned out so adorable - love it when my computer makes cute things like this!  Look here to see the whole thing!

digital supplies:

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  1. Great job this week! I wished we lived in an area that had more tag-sales/flea markets to be able to hunt for treasures! That Father's Day ticket book is adorable!!

  2. You did a great job in your first week.

  3. I'm totally drooling over that printer's tray. It's just AWESOME!!! Your little ticket booklet is darling too. Very, very, neat!


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