Mar 26, 2012

Easter Goodness on My Desk

Isn't spring wonderful?!

Everyone's taking advantage of the nice weather ...

... enjoying the sunshine on their backs ...

... there's anticipation of great things to come ...

... and bright beautiful stuff is on my desk ...

Those sweet vintage goodies?  They're from the Easter Crafting Kit on JBS Mercantile.  

The Bingo Cards?  Those are a new release today from the Jenni Bowlin Studio Digital Shoppe at .  I can print them at any size I want ... on anything I want ... cannot WAIT to play!

How's spring in your neck of the woods?


  1. QuACk!!! :)

    Love the vintage goodies! Will have to pick your brain about JS and JBS fun. Signing up for a JS class or two. Woo!

  2. The bingo cards are one of my favorite JB items! Good to know I can now print them at any size or on anything. Thank you!

  3. you know I'm a hybrid SB'er, right~ this is awesome!!!:):):)

  4. Great pictures esp. the last two! LOL!!


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