Mar 28, 2012

Nature Walk ... I Just Can't Keep Up!

can't keep up with nature that is!

I had an odd goal this year ... I wanted to document every single plant that sprung up in the secret garden near my house.  I wanted to take a great photo and put it in an album with its scientific name.  MOM! AUDREY!  I think you'll have to help me for that part!

Yep - that's what excites this girl.  I'm a geek.

But the unusually warm weather here in the east has got things coming up one right after the other.

I'm not even sure I'm catching everything in time!  And I'm not even thinking of photographing the flowering shrubs the secret garden is famous for.

so who knows what will happen with this little project ... but Shiner and I are certainly getting a lot of fresh air this spring ...

just some photos so far ... names subject to change as soon as Mom or Audrey (my personal master gardeners) correct me:

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)


Caltha palustris L.
yellow marsh marigold

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