Jan 16, 2012

Not Really a Resolution ...

I've been thinking about the new year.  I've been admiring the resolutions my scrappy friends have posted on their blog.  I've been thinking about being a better blogger.  Thinking about grabbing the bull by the horns and accomplishing a ton.  Then I get sweaty and know I've been thinking too much.

I was up 'til the weeeee hours of the morn' the other day, making headers for all my goals and their categories.  I was using Jen Martakis' Designs and having a blast.  I had categories coming out my ears: home dec projects, organizing projects, scrapping projects, outside projects, computer projects, just to name a few.  And yes ... I was planning to put this all on my blog ... as a sort of documentation and incentive to keep it all up.  Did I say I designed headers for all my goals?  Yes I did. Into the wee.hours.of.the.morning.

This was all just too confusing, and although it sounded organized to me at first (and I LOVE being organized) ... it wasn't.

And then a lightbulb went off.  Projects.  Just projects.  These are all just simply PROJECTS.

We can call anything a project, can't we?  Organizing the basement laundry room is a project.  Donating your clothes to Goodwill is a project.  Finding the paint color for your bedroom is a project. Making that special layout you've had running through your head forever is a project.  Finishing that mini book is a project.  Learning how to make a brush from a scan on your computer is a project.

You get the idea.

What if I tried to focus on one project a week?  And tried to finish it by Friday.  Am I asking too much of myself, living with a lovely life challenge and all?  OK - then focus on a project and don't move on to the next one until it's done. It can be a project of any kind.  All my categories will wrap up into one.   I think I may actually get something done.  I may accomplish something!  The pillow forms I bought 10 years ago may become pillows!  Yea!

Now this sounds fun to me.  It's not really a resolution ... it's just a different way of approaching your week.  It's about looking around you and finding joy in accomplishing little projects, writing them down to keep you on track, and finishing one before moving on to the next.

I think I need a name for this ... a title to start off my project idea each time ... so I know that this is THE project I'm working on at that moment.  So I don't move on until it's done.  I thought of "Project Life" ... but that sounded a little familiar ...  HA!

Oh gosh - that was long!  But I do have 2 projects I can't wait to start ... both of which I've been waiting to find the right supplies for ... and wouldn't you know ... in the new Mercantile Mid-month Release ... BOTH items were there ...

Vintage Quilt Scraps!


Vintage Metal Draw Pulls!

Can't.wait.to.start but for now I'll find something to finish that's been driving me crazy for quite a long time ....


  1. I like the way you're thinking here! Good plan!

  2. This absolutely sounds like fun! I think you are so on the right track!!

  3. i love your project idea.
    might just have to jump on this bandwagon of yours my friend.


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