Jan 17, 2012

Project: Getting it Done

So here it is ... a bit of a declaration that I will be trying to focus on accomplishing things one project at a time, and get it done this year.

... and there are about 120 "its" on my list.  But I'm going to start with one that will make me soooo very happy when it's done.  You know the feeling. 

I have piles and piles of layouts without homes.  And the ones with homes and in albums are not in a particular album for a particular reason.  They've just been put inside for safe keeping.

I'm SURE I'm in good company!  

I really want to get all my layouts in albums and my albums organized in some fashion!

To think about:

1.  I need to figure out how I want to organize my albums.  Chronological?  By subject?  Divide them up for the kids?

2.  Will I find layouts that I really don't like while I'm doing this?  What do I do? I've never thrown out a layout before ....  

3.  Do I have enough albums and protectors?  I've been buying them here and there, especially when they're on sale ... 

4.  What about my mix of different size layouts - i love changing it up a bit, but I have both 3-ring and post bound albums here ...

The inspirations:

1.  Shimelle has two wonderful posts about organizing her albums.  She got hers done on one rainy afternoon.   Oh good! It's going to rain tomorrow ... but only until 10am.  I have a feeling this is going to take me a lot longer ...

here are links to her posts:

2. Stacy Julian has her Library of Memories system for organizing her albums.  I have her book!  I've read (most of) it!  Just not sure if the system will work for me.

3.  Ali Edwards has an oldie-but-goodie post about organizing her albums here:

She even has a category on her blog of album organization.


OK ... I'm going to get it done!  It won't be done today, it might not be done tomorrow.  But that's ok, because I will get it done!


  1. yay projects! you know, i think i went through my layouts a couple years ago and only found one that i absolutely could not stand. go betsy go!

  2. You can do it, Betsy! One step at a time really adds up over time. :)

  3. right there with ya sista!:):)cheering you on~

  4. Good for you tackling it! I need to do the same but I always find something else to do lol. Good luck and can't wait to see what you end up doing :)

  5. Yay for you Betsy! I need to do the same thing...I have boxes and boxes of layouts without homes. (and don't you ever throw out a layout lady....everything you create is beautuiful!)


  6. Go Betsy! I don't let my unfiled layouts get too high usually but you've reminded me that I do need to get a new album...


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