Jan 14, 2012

Tiny Little Treasures

It was a wonderful, dry, 30 degrees morning. The skies were blue and the ground crunched under our feet.  A perfect morning for a walk with the pup.  We both love this weather.

When I walk,  I'm always looking at the little details along the way.  I may trip on a giant log in my path, but I'll be admiring the seed pod on the ground as I fall.

And the pup does the same thing as she stops to smell every.little.thing.  I don't pull here because I know just.how.she.feels.

This morning I found two sweet little treasures ... signs that Valentine's Day is right around the corner ...

... the pink one being man-made ... the other made by nature.

And if you're looking for papercrafting inspiration for Valentine's Day, hop over the the Jenni Bowlin Studio Inspiration blog.  There will be awesomely wonderful projects there all month!  And! The new JBS releases are being revealed piece by piece!  You.will.swoon.

Oh! and the little graphic at the top of my post ... the elements are from Jen Martakis - A Little Cuckoo and Snowy Day.  She's the reason I was up way too last night.  But that's a story for another day!

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