Dec 27, 2011

My Son Loved this Layout ...

supplies: Patterned Paper (Jenni Bowlin Studio),  Seal Stamp and Ink (Jenni Bowlin Studio), Foam Stamps (Making Memories), Canvas banners (Maya Road), Transparency (Hambly), Die Cut (Magistical Memories)

... a bit of a different take on the usual baseball layout, since I focused on his coach.  But there's a cool story behind it ... and ds appreciated it!  :)

The reason for the focus and how I accomplished this, is just a part of my contribution to the January 2012 issue of the Masterful Scrapbook Design series on Focal Points.  I'm so excited to be a part of this!  

As a matter of fact, I listened to Doris' wonderful webinar on The Scrapbook Canvas while wrapping presents the other day, and learned so much!  

I'm so excited to share my techniques for creating Focal Points - something I give deliberate attention to quite often when I scrap.  I hope to see you at MSD in January!

Dec 23, 2011

Nature Came a Knockin'

I was getting some things done this morning when I heard a familiar bang.  A window bang.  The kind I hear after my windows are clean and a poor little birdie mistakes the reflection in our shiny window for a tree.

The strange thing is ... our windows are not clean and this bang was a lot louder than I'm used to.

The reason for such a loud bang ...

The poor thing just sat there on the ground blinking his eyes ... I really thought I heard him say, "What just happened?!"  I wanted to run out and grab the hawk and make sure he was OK, but this girl ...

... was going insane ... she saw and wanted that hawk ... because after all, she's been taught to protect these two from just that kind of bird ...

... and was just doing her job ...

And after that excitement, I moved my wire tree into a sunnier room.  Now, the handmade ornaments could really shine ...

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Dec 15, 2011

Midmonth One-of-a-Kind Finds and Finding Pretty Among the Brown

The JBS Mercantile mid-month updates are loading!  I bought!  So psyched - I always wanted one of those green wire frogs!

Check it all out right here:  Mid-month One-of-a-Kind

Among lots of other things, there are a few vintage alarm clocks for sale ...

which reminds me of a project I once did, where I took apart an old alarm clock and made a little motivational display:

I love stuff like that ... using something old in a manner it wasn't quite intended!

My Lovely Life Challenge has been whipping me good these past couple months.  But I'm a firm believer in keeping hope ... and so I will be hopeful ... 2012 is going to be MY YEAR!  I hope it is for all of you reading my blog ... and for others dealing with their own lovely life challenges.

We need to see the pretty among the brown ...

have a great day!


Dec 6, 2011

Vintage Snowflake Cards, Kit Crafting, and a Chat with Jenni!

Hello fellow crafters!  I'd first like to tell you that Jenni Bowlin herself is having a chat tomorrow - Wednesday!  Here's the info:

It will be happening on our forum  here!

Hope to see you!

I made some Vintage Snowflake Cards that were so much fun:

See the rest of the vintage snowflake story here!

I used my Cricut to make these.  Yes, I know - the new Silhouette is out!  Oh how I would LOVE that machine!  But the practical girl in me just wouldn't feel right about not using my very first and only diecut investment - the baby Cricut - until its motor just about runs out!  I've never really used the machine a lot.  I bought it years ago from QVC after seeing the wonderful layouts Loni Stevens made with it.  Why is Loni not scrapbooking anymore?! But anyway, I just can't say goodbye to this machine until I really give it a good workout!

The Mercantile December Kit gorrrrgeous! You must check out what the DT made. Here's what I've done so far:

DS will love this one:

and a little bitty mini - that I just love:

You can see the kit in all its glory HERE!