Jun 29, 2010

A ScrapHD Baby Shower, a Photo Lesson Learned, & Roses

Lesson #1!  Don't forget the light settings on your camera:

We had a baby shower for a coworker yesterday!  I was in charge of decorating.  When you look at these photos, keep something in mind.  I work in a department that has no windows.  When I emerge everyday from the dungeon, I have to shield and squint my eyes.  I feel like a mole.  So under the ugly lighting, these are the photos I got.  I'm sure if I remembered to change my light setting to flourescent (duh!) they would have come out fine.  Lesson learned!

All of the paper elements were made in ScrapHD using their Jenni Bowlin elements.

I strung buttons, JB chipboard buttons, felt butterflies, vintage buttons, milk caps, Prima flowers, and crepe paper along the baking twine.

And here were the table centerpieces:

Little plastic buckets and balls from Party City, matching towels, and JB bingo cards.  Ummm, the stuff wasn't that neon.  Really. Must. remember. to. change. settings.   :)

I was cruisin' the blogs and this wonderful artist wrote about Big Huge Labs. I'm new to Flickr, so I just LOVED checking out all the FREE "toys" Big Huge Labs has for your photos using Flickr.

Here's one I did using the Mosaic Maker:

I couldn't believe the roses in Connecticut this year. So, so beautiful. Too bad I didn't think of taking photos earlier.  These are all late - the roses were on their way out.

If you've done cool stuff with Big Huge Labs, link me up!

And look at this contest over at 2Peas! Three winners?!  $50 of JBS stuff each?!  Go for it!

Have a GREAT day! - betsy

Jun 16, 2010

I love this stuff . . .

With the end of the school year, HS graduation, and lots of other stuff, the scrapping just has not been happening these days! But I've got the itch, and gorgeous Jenni Bowlin Play Date papers on my desk, and a photo I LOVE, and a cool idea . . . .  it'll happen . . . .  :)

Speaking of Jenni Bowlin and scrapping . . . I wish I could scrapbook like this girl:

Jennifer Johner -- her stuff is a work of art . . .   this image came delivered in a JBS newsletter this morning.  Jennifer is going to be a guest star on the Inspiration blog one day this month.  Can't wait to see!

And my dear friend Chris, was a guest star also.  LOVE her stuff, too. You must check out the blog this month - so much cool stuff.

And speaking of cool stuff . . . I'm an organizing FREAK and I LOVE this store.  And had a cool gift idea for a new college student:

I got the boys' friend a gift card to the Container Store, 2 little metal thingies, and put paper clips in his high school colors on the bottom, and his new college colors on the top.  Cool, huh?

And I love these guys:

for BIKING 62 MILES! to raise money for MS research and support. This disease STINKS big time - it's soooo hard, but this is the way to eradicate it from the lives of our children and our children's children . . . THANK YOU to my wonderful brothers and friends!

When you have a chronic illness you can get a "now or never" type of mind set.  It's been now or never to earn as much money as I can to send the boys to college, now or never to remember the really important things, now or never to clean out this house, and the list goes on and on.  So, it's now or never to get my garden in shape again.  And I love that ds#2 will help me - and without complaining - so we took a neglected area that the boys worked on for me years ago - that became loaded with weeds - and created something simple that I can handle:

more pictures of what we've been doing next week!  And scrapping will happen next week *hopefully* . . . how 'bout you?

- betsy

Jun 11, 2010

We have a Dime Store Kit Winner!


The winner of the Dime Store Kit is:

Blogger Judy said...This kit fits me to a "T".
June 8, 2010 11:00 PM

Judy - I can't find your email, so please email me at:
with your mailing address and we'll get your kit out to you!

Thank you for playing everyone! - betsy

Jun 9, 2010

School Colors, ScrapHD Plant Sticks, and Rescued Wildflowers

Last night was our High School Baseball banquet.  After doing a ton of volunteer stuff for the team, I have the school colors permanently ingrained in my brain.  But I have to say, we have really nice school colors:

What a nice night.  Unbelievable to think John will be graduating this year and Matt next year.  I can remember holding little baby Johnny in my arms 18 years ago and not being able to imagine him going to kindergarten!

So once again, I couldn't resist decorating flower pots! Hope you're not sick of seeing this!  These are gifts for our team moms. I found the cutest lavendar plants in watering cans at Costco:

The thank you notes were created at ScrapHD.com with Jenni Bowlin digi journaling cards:

I made these in MINUTES before I had to leave - so easy - but so cute!

And I'll leave you with this photo.  A few years ago, the abandoned lot next to my in-laws was being developed and I rescued some phlox before they were lost forever.  They're happy in my yard now:

Don't forget to post a comment to this post for a chance to win a Jenni Bowlin Mercantile Dime Store kit!  Drawing a name Thursday 9pm eastern time!

thanks for visiting! - betsy

Jun 8, 2010

It's a Dime Store Giveaway!

Jenni Bowlin Mercantile is introducing a new quarterly "Dime Store" Kit!  A new kit will be released each quarter packed with classic JBS products at 25% off the total retail value and is shipped with a project idea and instructions!  I LOVE this quarter's kit and I'm giving one away right here!

So summery, isn't it?  Just leave me a comment on this post by 8pm CST (9pm eastern time) Thursday and I'll pick a random winner to receive one of these kits!

Have a GREAT day! - betsy

Jun 4, 2010

A Baseball Mom's Photo OP

Wow! It's been a long time!  Been caught up in a whirlwind of baseball, work, life.  But good stuff.  Busy is good when it's good stuff.  :)

I want to share a hybrid project I did for ScrapHD and Jenni Bowlin.  My Field Notes Mini Book:

is a downloadable project at ScrapHD.com .  You can see more photos and a description on the Jenni Bowlin Inspiration blog.

And now for my story.  I take TONS and I mean TONS of baseball photos.  The other parents make fun of me.  How many photos can one have of there son at bat?  or of the team huddle?  But I just cannot attend a game without that camera.  Because when I do . . . that's when I'll wish I had it, kwim?  Heck, maybe I can even catch that amazing play to have on record forever!   

So I'm at Matt's game and he gets up.  Man on 1st and 2nd, and he works the count to 2-2.  He swings and that ball SAILS . . . right into the parking lot.  The ump twirls his fingers to show to everyone that this is a homer and Matt rounds the bases. Now I would LOVE to get some part of this on record.  I'm behind the fence, but that's OK - I can focus through it.  I fumble around - the settings are off.  I can't really look at the camera because I'm watching Matt round the bases with the biggest grin.  But I manage to somehow click and get something:

. . . a blurry photo of a teammate high-fiving him.  

So . . . I took this:

. . .  the ball he knocked out - complete with wicked bat on ball injury.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.  Hope you get to play some!