Jun 29, 2010

A ScrapHD Baby Shower, a Photo Lesson Learned, & Roses

Lesson #1!  Don't forget the light settings on your camera:

We had a baby shower for a coworker yesterday!  I was in charge of decorating.  When you look at these photos, keep something in mind.  I work in a department that has no windows.  When I emerge everyday from the dungeon, I have to shield and squint my eyes.  I feel like a mole.  So under the ugly lighting, these are the photos I got.  I'm sure if I remembered to change my light setting to flourescent (duh!) they would have come out fine.  Lesson learned!

All of the paper elements were made in ScrapHD using their Jenni Bowlin elements.

I strung buttons, JB chipboard buttons, felt butterflies, vintage buttons, milk caps, Prima flowers, and crepe paper along the baking twine.

And here were the table centerpieces:

Little plastic buckets and balls from Party City, matching towels, and JB bingo cards.  Ummm, the stuff wasn't that neon.  Really. Must. remember. to. change. settings.   :)

I was cruisin' the blogs and this wonderful artist wrote about Big Huge Labs. I'm new to Flickr, so I just LOVED checking out all the FREE "toys" Big Huge Labs has for your photos using Flickr.

Here's one I did using the Mosaic Maker:

I couldn't believe the roses in Connecticut this year. So, so beautiful. Too bad I didn't think of taking photos earlier.  These are all late - the roses were on their way out.

If you've done cool stuff with Big Huge Labs, link me up!

And look at this contest over at 2Peas! Three winners?!  $50 of JBS stuff each?!  Go for it!

Have a GREAT day! - betsy


  1. Cute projects Betsy! Love how you used the JB stuff! Gorgeous pictures of the roses too.

  2. Such adorable centerpieces! :)

  3. That banner is super-cute! Love how all the pieces are different.


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