Jun 4, 2010

A Baseball Mom's Photo OP

Wow! It's been a long time!  Been caught up in a whirlwind of baseball, work, life.  But good stuff.  Busy is good when it's good stuff.  :)

I want to share a hybrid project I did for ScrapHD and Jenni Bowlin.  My Field Notes Mini Book:

is a downloadable project at ScrapHD.com .  You can see more photos and a description on the Jenni Bowlin Inspiration blog.

And now for my story.  I take TONS and I mean TONS of baseball photos.  The other parents make fun of me.  How many photos can one have of there son at bat?  or of the team huddle?  But I just cannot attend a game without that camera.  Because when I do . . . that's when I'll wish I had it, kwim?  Heck, maybe I can even catch that amazing play to have on record forever!   

So I'm at Matt's game and he gets up.  Man on 1st and 2nd, and he works the count to 2-2.  He swings and that ball SAILS . . . right into the parking lot.  The ump twirls his fingers to show to everyone that this is a homer and Matt rounds the bases. Now I would LOVE to get some part of this on record.  I'm behind the fence, but that's OK - I can focus through it.  I fumble around - the settings are off.  I can't really look at the camera because I'm watching Matt round the bases with the biggest grin.  But I manage to somehow click and get something:

. . . a blurry photo of a teammate high-fiving him.  

So . . . I took this:

. . .  the ball he knocked out - complete with wicked bat on ball injury.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.  Hope you get to play some!



  1. Sounds fun Betsy - I hear you on the not wanting to miss a shot. I do like your ball in the grass shot though!


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