Jun 16, 2010

I love this stuff . . .

With the end of the school year, HS graduation, and lots of other stuff, the scrapping just has not been happening these days! But I've got the itch, and gorgeous Jenni Bowlin Play Date papers on my desk, and a photo I LOVE, and a cool idea . . . .  it'll happen . . . .  :)

Speaking of Jenni Bowlin and scrapping . . . I wish I could scrapbook like this girl:

Jennifer Johner -- her stuff is a work of art . . .   this image came delivered in a JBS newsletter this morning.  Jennifer is going to be a guest star on the Inspiration blog one day this month.  Can't wait to see!

And my dear friend Chris, was a guest star also.  LOVE her stuff, too. You must check out the blog this month - so much cool stuff.

And speaking of cool stuff . . . I'm an organizing FREAK and I LOVE this store.  And had a cool gift idea for a new college student:

I got the boys' friend a gift card to the Container Store, 2 little metal thingies, and put paper clips in his high school colors on the bottom, and his new college colors on the top.  Cool, huh?

And I love these guys:

for BIKING 62 MILES! to raise money for MS research and support. This disease STINKS big time - it's soooo hard, but this is the way to eradicate it from the lives of our children and our children's children . . . THANK YOU to my wonderful brothers and friends!

When you have a chronic illness you can get a "now or never" type of mind set.  It's been now or never to earn as much money as I can to send the boys to college, now or never to remember the really important things, now or never to clean out this house, and the list goes on and on.  So, it's now or never to get my garden in shape again.  And I love that ds#2 will help me - and without complaining - so we took a neglected area that the boys worked on for me years ago - that became loaded with weeds - and created something simple that I can handle:

more pictures of what we've been doing next week!  And scrapping will happen next week *hopefully* . . . how 'bout you?

- betsy


  1. Hey Betsy! Love your pictures and your way of putting everything into prospective. Will definitely have to check out the Jenni Bowlin blog to see Jennifer's work. She is amazing. Have a fantanstic week!

  2. I just love creations like this where I can glean SOOO many great ideas! LOVE the colors and the supplies.

  3. Hi Betsy

    I am looking forward to seeing your next page and your cool idea! I am a HUGE JBS fan and love her kits. I also live in CT and was diagnosed with MS last year and have two boys. So even though we have never met - we have a lot in common! My initial panic, of oh my, I have to get everything done now, whilst I still can, is subsiding (at least for now. Hope you enjoy the gardening and cross fingers for me that I get some more pages done - eek!


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