Dec 10, 2010

"Auntie The Nerdy Scrapbooker" Rocks It

OK, I don't usually like blowing my own jazz saxaphone  horn, but I think I came through on this one.  :)

Dear brother and dear sister-in-law called me to make invitations STAT for my dear niece.  They were having a Rock Star party and they wanted concert ticket invites.  Dear brother sent me some ideas like this:

and I was in a panic!  It was late - they needed them that night - I worked all day - I wasn't feeling well - and man . . . THESE LOOKED COMPLICATED!

But I'd do anything for these guys . . . so . . . I studied and looked . . . and the pink one was calling my name . . . "make this one auntie" . . . "she'll love it" . . . and I realized it wasn't that hard at all! 

Look at the pink ticket and you'll see that it is just a collection of squares and rectangles in 4 colors: white, light pink, pink, and bright pink.  Once I figured that out, it was easy peazy!  And although I loooooove my computer, I'm no digital genius.

I used PSE.

You make your squares and rectangles:

Add that computerized-like text:

The pixelated type text is Pixelmix and the bardcode type font is aptly named Barcode font.  The little squares on the side of the white square is the period character from the font Orator - I think that was installed on my computer.  I just kept making "periods" until I found something I liked.

Then I added all the specific info and other stuff to make it look like a "real" concert ticket:

Graphics to wow it up a bit were right from the "shapes" in PSE:

and to dress it up and really make it special, I added some photos of dear niece:

How cute . . . and really easy in the end! I think for one little moment, Auntie the nerdy scrapbooker, was a rock star! LOL!

Have a GREAT GREAT weekend!

If you have some Jenni Bowlin mini bingo cards, I have a great easy gift or decorating idea for the holidays - coming soon!

And I do think that Gallery Updates for the Jenni Bowlin Mercantile December Kit are being added tonight - take a look - the stuff is incredible!  I think I should have 5 projects in my gallery when the updates go live.  Should be tonight.

And did you see what Jenni is doing on her blog?  Yikes! Take a look at what she's doing with rub-ons, JBS Dabber Paint, and some tape!  So inspiring!

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  1. Yup I think Auntie rock this out.
    I am impressed with your computer wizardry.

  2. Would you believe that Molly wants a rock star birthday party in January? I might just have to copy your idea!! First I have to figure out what a rock start birthday entails though :)

  3. Adorable!!! Your rocked this one.

  4. This is AWESOME!!!! Great job! :)

  5. Awesome invitation Betsy! You rock as an aunt!

  6. Holy cow girl, you sure did rock this one! Those invitations are amazing!!!

  7. I don't think Rock Star even begins to describe how awesome this is!!! GREAT job!

  8. This is an awesome idea. I would like to use it for my wedding invitation. What program is PSE? Print Shop?
    Thanks Much!!


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