May 14, 2015

Nature Walk : Birds in High Places

I have finally visited a heron rookery.
Even though my parents have lived near this amazing piece of nature for over half my life, I have never been to it until last month.  I  hiked the area with my nature lovin' brother and niece and when we got to the edge of the CT river we saw an amazing sight. 

There were many many more of these huge nests high up in the trees; this is just one little portion. Soon enough the herons got busy and were flying back and forth tending to their nests when they flew in.

I felt as if I have been transported into a scene from Jurassic Park! I couldn't get the greatest shots as the nests were far away and my zoom lens is mediocre at best.

What a sight.

Then later in the month, I saw another bird in a high place:

These are the baseball field lights at one of my son's away games in CT.  The osprey are sort of famous in this area for building nests in the most unlikely places.  They are protected here, so where they nest, they must stay.

This is a pretty high stadium light!

And tomorrow I hope to share a bird in a low place.  A visitor put on a show in our yard today. But more on that tomorrow.


  1. Very cool photos Betsy! I love your interest in birds. My son loves Hawks and did his research on raptors this year so we've learned a lot.


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