May 27, 2015

Nature Walk : Bird on the Ground

These photos were made possible because dear husband knew I'd love to see this.  He called me from his cell phone while taking sweet puppy on her early morning walk.  He whispered, "Quick.  Look out the front window."

Finding a pileated woodpecker is always a treat.  That bright red head and insane laugh is ... well, yes ... so cartoon-ish.

He was going to town on a tree stump.

I have since heard his laugh and have seen evidence of his work on other stumps in the neighborhood, but haven't seen him return to my yard since.

After Super Storm Sandy, we have plenty of stumps in our yard, so there's still hope he'll be pecking around these parts some more.


  1. Your pictures are incredible!! What a beautiful bird---even if they can be pretty destructive.

  2. Wow, incredible find and great pictures!!


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