Feb 3, 2015

And the Girl Turns Ten ...

In keeping with tradition a crown was made and the birthday photos taken.  There was cake, a song, and a very special presentation.

Someone loves his little girl.

Nonni tried to pull her boy away, as kissing a dog is disgustoso !

Equally as disgustoso is letting Shiner eat at the table.  I think Nonni almost had a heart attack.  Sorry Nonni.  It only happens once a year.

The best part of the night was presenting dear husband with this scroll on a silver platter.  The scroll contains the results of Shiner's genetic breed test that I ordered secretly.  Although we were told Shiner's mother was an Australian Shepherd, that's all we knew.  Her personality and look sure matched that of an Aussie, too.

I presented the scroll while humming a "royal marching tune" and presented the results:

{Testing done by Wisdom Panel}

So no Australian Shepherd was detected, but the results are believable.  We can see where she got her broad chest, feathered tail, protective nature, and herding instinct.

Here's to our sweet mutt!

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