Oct 20, 2014

September's Big Six

I wanted to post my six top September photos before October's over.  The days fly ... I want to stop time in its tracks ...

1. The "can she please stop growing now" photo.  I caught dear niece reading in her grandpa's chair.  It's her favorite thing to do and I love her little dimples and sweet smile.

2.  The "cows have beautiful faces" photo. Don't they?!   Mom and I stopped by to pick up homemade cheese, but they were closed.  The cows turned to smile anyway.

3.  The "thanks for playing up the scary Halloween cat look" photo.  Doesn't every garden nursery have a resident cat?  And they all sleep in a cardboard box on the counter.  This one decided I needed a scary photo and played it up real good.

4.  The "I held my breath during the entire workout" photo.  Watching ds in a cross-fit competition is not for the faint-hearted.  In this particular workout the competitors had to rise from sitting while lifting weights overhead with one hand.  Ya' - crazy.

5.  The "I can't believe I didn't know milk could do this" photo.  Creating projects for my design teams is a blast especially when I learn something new.  Like this project for SnapClickDesignCompany, where I searched online to find an interesting way to stick homemade, custom labels onto glass and found out MILK has been used for this purpose for years!    You can bet that no glass jar is safe in my house now.

6. The "nope, it's not Ireland" photo of my alma mater UCONN.  Visited ds in his last semester there and Horse Barn Hill still looks the same.  Ah, the green, the sky, the smells, the cows ...  I loved it then and still do now.

There you go with my Big Six for September! I hope your October is wonderful!


  1. Great photos, Betsy! Your niece looks so much like you!

  2. Dana Carey, you wrote EXACTLY what I was planning to write! Betsy, your niece is a little you, without doubt! I love your pictures, you're a talented photographer. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Great Pics Bet. Your niece looks a lot like me! How'd that happen?

  4. Love the pictures and the milk tip :)

  5. Beautiful pics Betsy, I need to visit your blog more often :)

  6. Great pics, Betsy. And OMG on your son's rise-from-sitting-lifting-workout!


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