Aug 7, 2013

WOYWW : 218 (Watercolors, punches, and butterflies)

My desk is messy today.  But it's a good messy.

I am loving multi-medium for gluing right now.  Not for photos, but for handmade embellies, covering chipboard.  Stuff like that.

I'm not a "painter".  I'm a neat scrapbooker.  But painting with the Peerless Watercolor Papers is not messy and I'm having way to much fun playing with it.

I found a Butterfly Guide at a flea market - the drawings are wonderful!  I'm actually going to use a page on my layout.

There's a lot of "work in progress" on the desk.  Embellishments that I want to do a little show-and-tell on and a layout of ds and a butterfly.

I've got a couple of my favorite punches out:  scallop circle and Jenni Bowlin Studio Doily punch.

My FAVORITE new product of the summer:  sequins!  these are JBS - and they're gorgeous!  Also being attached to previously mentioned layout.

I really like the layout I'm working on, but it's just taking so very long!

Here's an up-close of my desk:

and speaking of butterflies - this one was playing in my garden yesterday:

 Have a great day!
And check out Julia's post - the one who starting this whole thing!


  1. Oh my you are a neat scrapper, my desk always looks like a bomb has hit it. I assume you are in the US, so I don't recognise the butterfly. Have a good day. Francesca #68

  2. Hi Betsy, your desk is looking like a fun place to play. The colours of your punched shapes are gorgeous. Sometimes I enjoy taking time over a project - I can never scrap quickly - I'm an agoniser, other times it's nice to "get a project in the bag". Your LO looks like it's going to be lovely though. Thanks for your visit today, have a great week MMx #65

  3. Gosh, if I used those circles to show what's on my desk you wouldn't be able to see the desk, LOL. I have so much on there! Yours looks busy, but NEAT. :-) Brigita #108

  4. Looks like you have some great creations in the works, Betsy!

  5. can't wait to see all the finished creations! so fun!

  6. Great desk and layout, but must say I do love the butterfly pic the best - thats a great shot.

    Lynda #82

  7. That looks like a neat mess to me!

  8. Thanks for your comment earlier. Have been a bit busy today, saying goodbye to the grandchildren, and then attending an 'open house' as part of our church's summer program.
    Now at home and can try and catch up with everybody on WOYWW.
    Great pics of your workdesk. Hope things work out well, and glad you are having so much fun.

    Could I be cheeky and ask if I could use your photo of the butterfly? Do you know what its called. It looks a lot like a swallowtail, but just not sure. If I use it for a coaster, I usually put the name of the picture on the back. Not sure where you live, so we might not get them in Wales.

    Teddy hugs,
    john-w #77.

    1. Sure John - go right ahead and use the photo! I believe it is a black swallowtail!

  9. Fabulous busy desk. Great fun things there to look at. Beautiful butterfly to have flying into your garden.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #68

  10. Very cool desk and flowers. Can't wait to see your "work out of progress." The photo of the butterfly is very sweet.

  11. Lots of messy mixed media artists started as neat scrapbookers so there is time to turn you Loving the snapshot of the butterfly in your garden. Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

  12. Love your workdesk pic, and your butterfly in the garden is awesome. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #118 xx

  13. Love how you've put speech bubbles on your desk photo
    Bridget #73


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