Aug 6, 2013

Using My Pins - #7

Today is Tuesday, but my weekly installment of Creative Tuesday will have to wait. My creative plan for today was a bit more creative than anticipated.  Well ... for me ... this creative plan includes technique ... like paint ... which is obviously a big deal for me!

So instead I'm posting a "25 Pins post". I promised myself to make practical use out of my Pinterest time and use 25 of my pins this year.  Hmmmm - I've done a LOT of pinning, but am only on Pin #7. Must.Get.Crackin'

A trip to the beach this year with oh-so-creative sister-in-law is always a good  time to put a good pin to use.  In years past, we've decorated rocks with rub-ons.  This year, oh-so-creative sister-in-law brought the supplies to paint the rocks.

What an amazing amount of painted rock inspiration i've found on the web.  You can see my Project Rocks board here.  We did make some of the ladybugs you see - they were pretty easy!

 "Really Betsy?  while I'm creating?!"

"Why do these crazy girls make me do this stuff?"

"So this is how my cousins entertain themselves in America?"

But it was truly fun.  One niece even chose rock painting over ice cream!

From the kids - is that some sort of anime i see?

I love that lighthouse!  And the Mexican flag!

And some from the adults.  Oh-so-creative sister-in-law made that hotdog. I couldn't believe how real it looked.

So that pin board really inspired a fun day!  I hope you have an inspired & fun day too!

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