Jul 17, 2013

WOYWW : 215

My desk is a bit cleaner today!

I'm finally finally FINALLY on my way to getting a UFO done. I just have to finish up my oldest's freshman season and his high school baseball album will be done.  I found the photos which is a HUGE part of the procrastination! Please note - in September he will be a senior in college.  Yikes!

Next to that is my next layout project. I made that cutting file from a font - it's supposed to look like dandelions??? hmmmm.  I have to decide if the base will be white flowers on kraft or kraft flowers on white.  I'm thinking white flowers on kraft ....

Up at the top, you can barely see, is the layout I sketched out first. I almost always sketch first.

And to the left of that is an office store steal - 50 cents for a package of Martha Stewart cord labels. You know - so you can wrap up your cord and label it. I've got so much cord all over the place.

That's it for me!  Can't wait to see what others have on their workdesk!  Thanks Julia!


  1. A sketch for a LO would be a good idea for us, save all the paper shuffling we do.

    Thanks for visiting the bears today.

  2. Hey Julia! Congrats on finishing a UFO. I have so many of those. I really must focus on my blog sidebar more LOL I haven't checked a thing off and we're 1/2 way through the year! Onward with Creative Blessings! Kelly #105

  3. Fun! Is a UFO - unfinished object? LOL

    Katie (106)

  4. I have so many UFO's that I had to start another box, one day they will be sorted. Good for you getting one done, Oh and I think white flowers on card.....

    Happy WOYWW Eliza 26

  5. Congrats on almost finishing your book! He will love it! I know I have projects that I need to work on, but somehow something else always gets started.. I really like the white flowers on Kraft.Great look. I wanted to say thanks, as I saw the post below with the velcro holding your foam pads on the distress inks. I have mine stored like that but using a glue dot which I seem to have to replace sometimes. I will try this!Thanks! Thanks for the visit today as well! Winnie#85

  6. UFO = unfinished object? Love the backgrounds you are pondering for your next project -- kraft backed by white might be fun, because you could paint/ink onto the white if you wanted to. Although it is so crisp and striking on its own. Happy WOYWW from Laura #101

  7. Love kraft with white - modern yet elegant.........

    Thanks for popping by earlier - I will update my ATC blog in time.
    Bishopsmate #91

  8. Oh - so organised doing a sketch first :-) I don't think I have any cord at all, so no problem there for me :-)

    Happy WOYWW and thank you for letting me visit :-D

    IKE xxxx #33

  9. congrats on finishing the UFO...I have one living on my desk....needs to be tackled! Love the cutouts for your next project. Happy WOYWW. cx #36

  10. Hi Betsy
    that's a great looking desk for us today and I think white flowers on kraft would look great. I have been playing around with kraft card and white embossing it is lush
    Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week with this lovely weather
    Ria #75

  11. Cool a UFO! I'm in the midst of one right now. Affectionately known as 'THAT clock'! Love the white on Kraft LO. Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #104

  12. Thanks for the visit already! I love getting UFOs done, have a box of them! I do like the dandelion...

  13. Good on you for completing one of your UFO's like Belinda above, I have heaps also which will probably never see the light of day. The MS Cord Labels sound interesting, I have ribbon and trim everywhere that could do with a good tidy up. Happy WOYWW! Danie #34

  14. hmm, well i have a lot of ufo`s in my room then !!, love your desk lots of craftyness going on, thanks for the snoop

    Happy WOYWW
    Jay NO.65

  15. Oops, yes, I know exactly what you mean Betsy. I have ufo's all over the place waiting to be finished. With some projects it's just harder to finish them than with others, isn't it. Happy to meet you and seeing some work in progress. Hugs and happy crafting, Wendy @121

  16. Well done on getting a ufo finished! How many of us are in the same state... :) From what I can see it looks fabulous too. Hugs, Jenny x


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