Jul 20, 2013

And After 3 Years ...

... it's done.

I finally finished ds#1's High School Baseball book.  Sound the trumpets!

Finishing this up now, three years later, I think I might have done some things differently.  That's what happens when it takes 3 years to finish something. But my son will LOVE it.  He's away this weekend at a retreat, and a burst of energy came over me.  It was the perfect time to finish this up.

When John was a HS senior, I found the red/black/white sports mini album kit by Teresa Collins.  These are the colors of our high school, so how perfect was this?  I bought two (for each son) and got some friends to buy one also.

We got together only once to work on this as a group.  We probably drank more wine than actually worked on the album, and my non-scrappy friends made me laugh ("What if I get ink on my hands?"), but this was the start.

Add the perfect American Crafts Thickers, and anything red and black from Jenni Bowlin Studio, and I had the best collection of supplies to get this done.

After day one, this was promptly stored away and I didn't work on it again until a weekend crop with my friend Amy.  Amy had brought Slice to the crop and generously let me use it, so add various Slice images to the mix and the book was taking on an even different look.

Fast forward to yesterday!  I had a lot of newer items in my stash that were perfect for the album - especially Jenni Bowlin Studio stamps, flatbacks, rhinestone stars, and stickers.  Friday was spent finishing freshman year (I had "lost" the photos) and adding these goodies to the rest of the book.

I thought I was finished late last night, until I saw the three blank chipboard tab pieces peeking out from the book.  The Hear Ye Hear Ye Banner Stickers worked great for these.

I have some blank pages that I'll leave for ds to add whatever he wants, I messed up the binding a bit, and as I said, there are some things if I was doing this start to finish now that I would change.

But I showed ds#2 my finished project and he carefully opened and looked at every single page:

ds#2: "This is amazing. He's going to love it."

me: > sigh of relief <

ds#2: "Where's mine?!"

And so the next project begins ... !

Have a great and creative weekend!


  1. Awesome Betsy!! Good for you, finishing this project!!! I love your ds#2's response...made me smile ear to ear. :) Evie

  2. good brother responce:):) The album is stellar!!! and on to the next one, right!!


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