Jun 10, 2013

Saving the Peony

In my garden, I'm a let-it-fall-where-it-may kind of girl.  I don't stake, I don't pull weeds if there's a chance they may be wildflowers, and if a plant needs a lot of care, it probably won't make it to next year.

It's why I love peonies.  They are basically carefree and have come up in my garden year after year.  The ONLY thing that can be a bit discouraging about peonies, is that rain can take down a pretty bloom in seconds flat.

As the rain from tropical storm Andrea quickly approached a couple days ago, I realized that I hadn't truly appreciated my peonies this year.  Their blooms were out, but life got in the way and I never stopped to ... well ... smell the peonies.

So this year, right before the rain, I staked them.  The massive rains came and damage was to a minimum.  I forgot to cut some of the blooms before the rain to keep in the house, but after the rain they didn't look too shabby.

{ all digital brushes by Katie Pertiet }

Or did they look shabby?  I mean shabby in a good way.  Shabby chic peonies.

Note for next year:  Stake peonies early - it's totally worth it!



  1. I adore peonies -- I wish they grew where I live!

  2. Wow, gorgeous, I mean, shabby chic :) I had no idea they were so easy to care for. Definitely want to plant some too!

  3. Beautiful peonies! They are fantastic flowers. Yours are the perfect shade of pink. Mine still haven't recovered from our move, maybe next year!


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