Jan 7, 2013

Scrapbook Obsessions and No Mess Glitter

There are some things I just can't get enough of.

Take this JBS product ...

I've used this image over and over again ... in stamp form, in stencil form, in digital and cutting file forms ...

My newest obsession is this gorgeous little girl ... holding her star tight like a wish ...

I've used her in stamp form,  and now I get to play with her in digital and cutting file forms ...

I love her so much, i thought she'd be perfect to grace my One Little Word pages.  I went a hybrid route with this - when you have digital images, the sky's the limit really.

She graces my title card, created very easily in PSE, flipping her so she can 'dot my i' with her star ... 

I printed the card out to fit my 2.5 x 3.5 photo sleeve and glittered a star to add for extra shine ...

Glitter?!  I'm so glitter challenged - truly - i need help!  But I found a GREAT way to make clean, sparkly glittered stars without any trouble.  Here's what you need:

supplies: glitter, glue dots, toothpick, glue, JBS Star Banner Stickers (in any color), and JBS Mini Chipboard Star Pieces

Attach a glue dot to a toothpick and stick it to the design-side of a Banner Star sticker.  Rub the sticky side of the sticker into the glitter.  Gently rub the excess off with your finger.

Using an adhesive, glue the glittered sticker to the chipboard piece.

Easy!  Clean!  No Mess!  and oh so glittery!  Did I just use "no mess" and "glittery" in the same breath?


  1. So pretty, Betsy. Are you sure "glitter" and "no mess" can be used in the same sentence? LOL

  2. Wow...love the glitter tip with the stars....I'll have to use it!! xo Evie

  3. That image is really cute, love the addition of the stars.

  4. Really cute cards.

  5. I just loveeeeeeeeee this!! That image of the girl is ONE of my all time FAVES!!!!!

  6. Cute image, love the glittery star

  7. You are a hybrid master! Love the card and the glitter star!


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