Mar 13, 2012

Spring Training at Our House ...

... means ds#1 training for a Tough Mudder ... yes, I'm proud, excited, but anxious too.  I mean really ... electric wires?  fire?

... dh rehabbing his knee after an injury ... yes, there is an injured husband in the house ... sympathy people!

... me on a regular walking schedule with the pup ... and feeling GOOD!

... the pup doing tricks for snacks ... yes, the walking is for her too ...

... and ds#2 in spring training ... well ... for real ...

... he's having a blast ... and it's killing me not to be there in Florida with him ... next year!

The unusually warm weather we're having has me thinking about flea markets and tag sales and this blog series will kick it off perfectly.  I'm so happy to be a part of it as I'll be showing a favorite vintage item of mine and how I use it in my memory keeping!  Have some vintage fun with us!


  1. WOW, sounds like a BUSY household! Everyone is doing LOTS of training! LOL!!

  2. Mostly one type of training in this house today - toilet training the new pup. I'm thinking I'd trade you!

    So happy you're joining our vintage fun :)

  3. Sound like a lot of fun to me, except for the sick hubby! Sorry, (that's for you! LOL) Love Penny

  4. Oh, honey! It sounds kinda crazy there! And I'm very sorry that you can totally sympathize with what I'm looking forward to in a couple months with my hubby home from his hip replacement! I hope he's better very soon, for both of your sakes! :)


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