Mar 5, 2012

My Favorite Scrapbooking Tool

There's one tool that I use in almost every one of my crafting projects.  I'm not talking about the obvious tools like paper cutters or scissors.  It's my computer.  The love I have for my computer is no secret.  I've talked about naming her (MacKenzie!), kissing her when she does good, and even giving the gentle hug now and then.

And I realize looks aren't everything, but she's so pretty, don't you think?

Sure, I use her for titles and journaling, but I use her for so much more.  For example, this weekend I needed to repaint our mailbox after the "mailbox hoodlums" wrecked havoc through the neighborhood, banging up all the boxes in their path.

I used MacKenzie to print off our house numbers in one of my favorite fonts: ATModernTwenty.  I cut the numbers out and traced them on my mailbox and painted away.

Btw - AT Modern Twenty is probably the only paid font I own.  It's just so versatile and fit exactly what I needed that I had to purchase it!

And I've had so much fun creating hybrid projects with Jenni Bowlin Studio's new digi kits:

Supplies: JBS Mercantile Papercrafting Kit February and JBS Digital Kit Vintage Red

If you're ever interested in trying out hybrid scrapbooking or using your computer in new way for your crafting projects, you can check out my latest hybrid projects in the tab above: "Pretty Pixels" .  I hope it inspires some ideas!

And feel free to email me also - if you ever have a question or comment.  I just love talking to others about this wonderful hobby ...  and our lovely computers!


  1. your little project at the end, it is so cute!

  2. What would we do without computers????? It would just not be the same.

  3. What a cool project Betsy!!! Love all the stuff you do for JB my talented friend. Been thinking about you, how have you been feeling?

  4. yes fantastic!! Wish I was a fly on your shoulder~weak in that area!

  5. Ah yes, I love my computer also! I can't wait to get my printer fixed so I can finally started printing off goodies again! Love Penny


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