Feb 28, 2012

Woodpeckers, Swearing, and all those PDFs

I was walking with the sweet pup the other day and took a route that I haven't taken in a while.  I found this mostly dead :(  tree on the side of the road:

and upon closer look I saw this incredible pattern on the trunk ...

I pretty much thought this must be the work of a very hungry woodpecker ... but he was so NEAT about it ... lining his holes up in a line like that.

After looking up "woodpeckers pecking habits" online, I discovered that many woodpecker species peck in a straight line.

very, very cool!

I don't swear.  At least not out loud.  There may be a lot of swearing going on in my head ... but it doesn't make it to the mouth.  Today was an exception ... when I saw one of the Mercantile Kit projects from one of our lovely DT members ... I swore out loud!  Which is very strange because the swear meant "yowza", but it wasn't "yowza" that came out.  Yes - her projects are that good.

The entire team really ... oh man ... i could go on and on about them ... amazing talent really.  It's mighty humbling to be on a team with them ... and wicked inspiring for sure!

Does anybody else have a TON of scrapbooking PDFs on their hard drive?  And really ... are you reading them all?  I know I don't.  I download ... keep them on my desktop for a while to remind me to look at them ... and later move them to my "drop box" for later reading.  I should read my pdfs more, because I usually LOVE them when I do!

But the ones from Masterful Scrapbook Design I almost always read.  They are the perfect length for a quick read, written so well, and always seem to give me another way of looking at things.  Example:  this month's seminar is on Motifs, and Francine Clouden talks about creating a "personal motif".  Really interesting and a great idea.

that's all for now!

i think today is going to be a scrapping day for me!

hope you have a creative day too!


  1. I am with you on the talent on the JB team, but you my dear, are included in that jaw dropping talent. Will have to check out those PDFs. Thanks for the link!

  2. Lisa up there is correct my dear, Betsy! YOU are an amazing talent on the JBS team!!!

    Now for that swearing thing..I've heard you once or twice! ;) It is a rare happening though!

    PDFs, well...yeah...

    I'd love to scrap today, but one armed work lacks some things.


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