Jan 27, 2012

Studio Envy

In the past couple of days, I've seen two creative studios that have blown me away.  They've so inspired me that I truly truly feel like ripping up my little space and creating something pretty.

In the following video, you catch glimpses of Jenni Bowlin's studio.  OK ... it is a little more than glimpses, but I want to see EVERYTHING!  Jenni!  Show us everything!

What I love?  Old interesting containers,  acck! that white scroll molding and I have something similar sitting in my garage!, stamps organized on a shelf so you can SEE them, OLD.WOODEN.TABLES, old doors with crystal knobs, old paint, interesting drawers for storage, and of ummmm gorgeous handmade projects hanging around ... and it seems big, doesn't it?  Room to breath!

The other studio i ran across belongs to Teresa McFayden.  You've got to watch for a bit before the studio tour starts.  

                                Studio and Behind the Scenes from Teresa McFayden on Vimeo.

What I love?  Besides the fact that she plays one of my all-time favorite songs at the start?  Glass, apothecary! jars, the chandelier, her little photo displays, the inspiration chicken wire, the old stamp shelving, old card catalog,  bits and baubles everywhere ...

and I didn't see an Iris Cart in either of these!

Inspiring to say the least!

1 comment:

  1. i am in love with them!!! both spaces are sooo inspirational!! wow!
    i love, love, love jenni's new lines. can't wait to be able to get both. but the "wren" line looks so awesome. she had me at blueprint. lol!
    some of the quotes in theresa's space are so lovely, like " collect happiness". i'm definitely going to use that one.
    betsy, we must be from the same music era. i love that stevie nicks song, along with so many other early 70's music. ha! i dating myself. ;)
    i am loving the new jbs forum and customer gallery!! can't wait to load some LOs. the days here have been so dreary. so i have no good light to take photos.
    hope you have a great weekend!


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