Jun 20, 2011

On Being Superhuman and Little Boys that Grow Up

When you're living with a Lovely Life Challenge throwing a party can be tough.  Maybe tough isn't the right word.  Let's say that throwing a party for your high school graduate when you have MS can take  Super Human Strength.  POW  BAM  WACK

But I did it.  Yep, I had the help of dh's wonderful family and yep -  my teenage boys gave me their muscle.  Having this party, and seeing everyone happy, and conquering my Lovely Life Challenge made me feel a bit like this:

So here's to everyone, living with their own Lovely Life Challenges - may you find the Superhuman Strength to do those things to want to.  It may not be in the way you once could, or in the way you imagined, but still DO IT IN SOME WAY.

Case in point - I had a wonderful idea to create a whimsical, funky banner in ds' school colors.  I had plans to use pom poms, cupcake liners, buttons, and Jenni Bowlin goodies.  Here's what that banner looks like today:

OK - totally not in the plan.  I had big ideas for this banner.  Oh well.  So we move on, go to Party City, and the party banner looked like this:

And here's to this sweet little boy:

who will be graduating tomorrow.  So proud of this guy ...

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  1. happens to the best of us~congrats to your son!!

  2. Betsy, you are such an inspiration. Is it too much to say that life doesn't ever go according to plan? But you make it through, hopefully with a lot of grace... just like you did.

    Congrats to your boy. I know the time will go quickly and I'll be where you are before I know it.

  3. Congratulations to your son and to his creative, amazing, and always wonderful mama!

  4. Betsy, your super human strenght always amazes me. :) Congrats to you and your son!

  5. Wow Betsy this made me want to go and squeeze my son:) Congrats to all of you!

  6. Hi there, Betsy! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I LOVE to meet new bloggy friends. :)
    Your post really touched my heart. Good for you for conquering a challenge you set for yourself. Congrats to you and your son, both.

  7. Aww Betsy! You are amazing! Congrats to your little/big guy :) So glad that I know you!


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