Jun 14, 2011

If I Build It Will He Come?

Toads.  Aren't they adorable? When the boys were younger, we used to catch them and keep them in a terrarium for a couple of days.  We'd throw worms in there and the boys would be in hysterics as I became the "voice" of the toad as he stalked and ate his dinner.

DH has seen a fairly large toad in my garden every morning.  And the other night, Matt saw Toad sitting in our garage.

I like to think Toad's hanging around to check out this piece of real estate:

As far as I can see though, he hasn't tried it out yet.  I know Toad Houses attract toads.  It's worked for me before.  Hopefully Toad will like this rental!

Jenni Bowlin Mercantile June Kit: oh so beautiful!  Here's another layout from me using the kit:

The kit features Jenni's new line Haven.  Haven has colors and patterns that work with everything. I love that. One line ... lots of uses.  I have plans for this line for my vacation photos, Christmas photos, graduation mini, home mini ... i can go on and on ...

And the subject of the layout above ... that kid ... is graduating high school next week ... party this Saturday ... lots to do ... trying to stay calm knowing the empty nest is around the corner ... but i know you are a mother forever ... and time doesn't stop ... and the parenting you've put in will hopefully pay off ... but life isn't easy ... and we have to be positive and happy ...

lots of thoughts ... 


  1. crazy good ~ is what that is !!!!!

  2. oh my! graduating high school? I can't even imagine! Beautiful stuff Betsy, as always.

  3. Love the toad house. The for rent sign makes me laugh. That layout is just stunning!

  4. OMGoodness, Betsy! That layout is gorgeous! Stunning! I love every single detail. :)
    And how cute is your toad house! I'm with Lisa........totally love the "for rent" sign.


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