Feb 3, 2011

Yes, that is a flower on a baseball layout . . .

but to me . . . it works!

My boys' baseball albums are 6x12.  This one's for John.  I used my favorite Jenni Bowlin exclusive paper on this one.  There's also a JBS scalloped notecard, rhinestone button, JBS calendar card - and the flower and bling is from an older Mercantile kit.

That gives me 2 points in the Great Race + 1 for Jill's Calvinball rule.  3!

Post your layouts here . . .  you don't have to beat the machine to win.  wink * wink

What I've learned so far from The Great Scrapbook Race:

1. forget about cleaning your desk after every layout - embrace the mess - cleaning will slow you down

2. forget about cleaning your house . . . period.  for reason above.

3. if you make dinner that calls for beer in the recipe, don't drink the remaining beer that you didn't use.  especially if you haven't had a beer in years . . . that will slow you down . . . and even put you to sleep . . . you will then dream of scrapbooking . . . but that doesn't give you any points.

have a GREAT day!


  1. nice work ~ love the idea of 6x12!!

  2. Go Betsy, go!!! Love the LO and the Great Race! :)

  3. Bonus point for Betsy for dreaming about scrapbooking ;)

  4. lol drinking and scrapping while calvinballing is not good. lol.
    go betsy! now read that back in a robot voice!

  5. !!!! Thanks for the laughs. Congrats on those three points, and for acknowledging the natural brilliance of my rule. :) Way to rock the guy-flower, by the way.


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