Feb 5, 2011

and a Sweet Little Mini adds 12 points!

Have you ever *kissed* one of your projects?  I gave a little smooch to a little mini this morning. It's just too cute.  I can say that because it's really the product in the Mercantile kit that makes it that way. So, so easy to do . . . but oh so darling!

I can't even show a sneak - it's so little and sweet that a sneak would reveal all.  So I'll need to wait for the next kit reveal on the 10th.

But lets just say, it stars this little girl:

and the Febuary kit is amazing . . . and inspiring me . . . 

and this little mini gave me 12 points in Calvinball which brings me to a WHOPPING 15!

I know we have more and more people playing with us - I'm going to try to round up the names - join us - there's prizes you know ;) - and you don't even have to beat the machine Celeste to get a prize!


  1. Woo hoo!!! 15 pts!!! GO BETSY GO!!!

    I think I'm at 12 myself. gotta calculate that this weekend.

  2. Go Betsy, go Betsy! Can't wait to see the mini!


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