Feb 1, 2011

The Start of a Glorious Month!

I love February.  It's full of pink!  It's full of hearts!  It inspires me to craft!

and my two guys were born in this month . . . less than a year apart . . . my Irish Polish/Italian twins!

And what a month it will be!

The new JBS Mercantile kits are out!  Gor.geous.

a little birdie told me that there is going to be a LOT of fun going on in the JBS world this month! CANNOT WAIT!

And isn't a little dose of healthy competition good for everyone?  I've read (with much awe and admiration) of The Great Scrapbook Race that would go on every February between Doris, Celeste, and Paula.  They're doing it again this year, but with a twist.  Read about it here.   I'm going to join them this year.  And I'm gonna try my darndest to put forth a very good showing.

Join me!  Please! You know from what I've read, someone has got to put Celeste in her place! -wink-wink-  You can grab the CUTEST blinkie that Paula made here!

Here are 2 layouts I've made so far with the February Mercantile Kit:

You can see detail and read how I made these in my dt gallery.  I'm in awe of what the  other dt girls did this month - hold onto your chair!

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!



  1. Really great, and thanks for the link. I'll head over there, and check it out.


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