Jan 31, 2011

A Bunch of High School Boys with Pink Paper and Zig Zag Scissors

Both my boys have been involved in the Service League of Boys . . . SLOBs for short.  The idea for this community service group was created and developed by 3 moms in our town.  How lucky we have been to be a part of this!

It's a parent / high school son organization.  And sometimes I raise my hand and volunteer when maybe I should have asked my boys first.

Case in point - someone was needed to organize the Valentine's Day card and flower delivery to our local nursing home. A lot of the SLOBs activities are heavy, moving, digging, playing types of activities.  The group is made up of hundreds of High School Boys after all.

But I raised my hand to organize these big burly guys to make Valentine's. I had all the supplies, so can you blame me?

When ds found out what I volunteered US to lead, the conversation went something like this:

"NEVER sign me up for something without asking me first!"

"But I thought I did!"

"No, you didn't!  You just told me 'This is what we're doing!' "

"OK - I'll ask you first.  But we gotta see this one through.  Is it really that bad?"

"I'm going to be the ONLY one making valentine's.  Just don't do that again."

Now break to the general meeting - in a cafeteria filled with testosterone.  We had the meeting complete with a wonderful speaker who explained to the boys how he became involved in philanthropy throughout his own life.

And then ds told the SLOBs that we will be making valentine's after the meeting for our nursing home.

Sometimes . . . you get surprised.  The way you think something may turn out, turns out differently, or even exactly opposite of what you expected.

The meeting ended and the mob of SLOBs enveloped our little craft table filled with pink and red paper, deco scissors, heart stickers, red roses, and markers.

I heard things like this:

"Do these hearts stick all by themselves?"

"Do you have a paper punch for this rose?"

"Is it OK to cut the paper up into a heart?"

"Can I save some of this stuff for my mom?"

We had to open up another table . . .

and the sweetest sight when it was all over . . .


  1. Oh I can just picture this! Love it! Hug those boys for what they are doing. :)

  2. Now that made me a little teary eyed Betsy! Love it!

  3. AWw! I love it! Good for those boys, they are making a lot of people's day for Valentine's Day! Makes you proud of our younger generation! :)

  4. this got me teary! I love that you were brave enough to tackle this w/them!


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