Feb 11, 2011

A Mishap and a Winner!

What happens when you're working on a Mercantile kit layout and run down 2 stairs to see something funny on TV, but trip down those 2 stairs, and fall into 3 pieces of furniture on your way to the tile floor?  And then getting up, drop your paintbrush full of gesso right onto the layout you were working on?

1.  You miss the JBS Mercantile Gallery Update deadline.

2.  You must find a creative way to cover the spot of gesso on the layout.

3.  You lose precious Calvinball scrapbooking time.  TIME IS POINTS PEOPLE!

But on to more important things!  A random number was drawn for this prize:

and the winner is:

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  1. Oh, NO! I hope you're okay...and that you didn't sprain your good scrapping hand or anything...because if you need to take a few weeks off from the Calvinball competition, I would TOTALLY understand... :) :) :)


    Actually, I've been there before. Apparently I purchased the Trick Cover Gesso brand, because every time I open it, I tend to sent it flying everywhere. A nearby copy of "Eat, Pray, Love"? It's called "Eat" now.

  2. oh no! i hope you are okay. gosh. that is TOTALLY something i would do.

    i did trip up the stairs with my laptop last week and broke the screen...LOL!

  3. Oh man, hope you're ok! I would totally do that too-not super clumsy, but I definitely lose my balance lots!


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