Jan 22, 2011

Views . . .

Sharing some views while I try to get moving today and make the best use of each minute ;)

the view from our front door . . .

the view from the chair where I scrap . . .

the view from the window where I scrap . . .

and a view of the desk where i scrap . . .

working on something oh so incredibly fun . . .

if I make the best use of my minutes . . . perhaps I can have fun today with this glorious collection of stuff.

CHA time is a most wonderful time isn't it?

I do think that this year there is some of the most unique, beautiful product coming out:

I saw these clear ledger overlays from Maya Road:

excuse me, but do you know how long I searched for tart tins at the flea market last summer?  a long time. now i don't have to search anymore!

and these from JBS:

i found some of these at a flea market . . . they were called "antique" . . . but they were made of plastic! Sorry Mr. Flea Market Man - those plastic spools don't cut it.  Now I don't have to search for wooden spools anymore!

and these from JBS might just keep me up late many nights - I have plans for these Hodge Podge kits already . . .

ah yes, CHA.  Sing it with me . . . "it's the most wonderful time of the year . . . "

thanks for visiting!


  1. yes I love all the new JB stuff!! She is my all time fave designer by far. I laughed when I saw your table~glad someone else's looks like mine.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! Inspiring me to take some outside photos of the lovely snow :)... Also love the JB stuff too - super pretty!


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