Jan 17, 2011


I've been doing a bit of web surfin' these past days and have seen some great stuff online . . .

1.  You can WIN this GREAT paper:

by clicking on this link: Core'dinations Contest

The Jenni Bowlin set is amazing - those colors are my "go to" colors . . .  gotta have this . . .

2.  A new Jenni Bowlin Challenge is up right here!  Go for it!

3.  This site is GREAT!  She's going through cleaning 21 areas of your house in 21 days.  Oh be still my heart! I'm going to try this - but because of the "lovely life challenge" i've been given - I'm going to do it in 21 WEEKS not days.  Hey who cares, right?!

4.  Have you heard of Pin Boards?  They're in beta testing - oh I wish I was in on that!

I love beta testing anything computer related.  Most of my beta testing has been in the medical field though. Interesting, but definitely not as pretty!  Pin Boards is a collection of online virtual bulletin boards where users post their images that inspire them in some way.  Check it out - you can request an invite to join when they're up and running, too.

5.  And just an fyi - my great "sketching tile" idea was a flop.  Way too big.  Way too heavy.  If you have a large area, it may work!

6.  And I read the other day that Wilna creates her projects with a glue gun!  I always thought she was an incredible artist, but really now . . .

If you can create this . . .

by Wilna
Using an adhesive that looks like this . . .

you gotta be good!

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  1. Wonderful blog, photos are beautiful. Would like to follow your blog but did not see a follow button.

  2. oooooooooh! i love love love your background! -doris

  3. Wow! I thought I had to keep my glue gun using my dirty secret... but if Wilna does it, I'm not ashamed! :)

  4. beautiful~I have been known to pull mine out...just say'in....

  5. LOL! at the glue gun =) i think mine has been in the closet for about two years, haha!

  6. Ooh! Great links Betsy! Will have to try that 21 day thing...but maybe in Feb, Jan has been too crazy for me.

  7. omg You are so awesome!!!!!!! This is such amazing work...ND

  8. I am another glue gun user, all. the. time! I love that thing and everything sticks!!! :)

    Happy weekend!


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