Sep 7, 2010

Just One Sheet of Paper and a Bunch of Embellies

When I was in Rhode Island this summer I saw a plastic baggie tacked to a telephone pole with a bunch of little 3x4 inch books inside.  Each book was a little book of poems.  A sign encouraged us to take one, so I did!

When I got back to the cottage, I opened the little book up and saw that the book was made from one sheet of 8-1/2x11 paper, folded and cut a certain way, and refolded to make the book.

This poetry project is from a group called Origami Poems Project and they have a website here:

The website has a lot of info, including directions on making your own little book.

I tried the same method using my scrapbook supplies to make my niece a little birthday memory book.

I started with one 12x12 sheet of Jenni Bowlin patterned paper. This pattern is one of my all-time favorites:

and some miscellaneous embellishments:

I folded the 12x12 as they show on the website, and embellished each section with my Jenni Bowlin embellies.  I kept in mind which section would be the cover page, etc :

I cut and refolded the piece

to create the cutest little mini:

What a fun idea for a vacation, or a crop!  It's easy, easy, easy to do.  Check out !

thanks for visiting! - betsy


  1. Awesome Besty!!! I'm going to try.

  2. Betsy that is awesome! I have to link you to my post tomorrow! People will love this! TFS!

  3. Oh what an adorable mini Betsy! Love the paper you used as the base and your embellishments are fabulous!

  4. Hi Betsy, I'm one of the gals that helps with the origami poems project and I want to say, "hooray" for your book!

    Jan Keough, RI

  5. Oh wow this is so adorable! A project I would want to lift, thanks for the idea. Great products for it too. As for your question on my blog. If you are asking about the sweet pea spray, I did cut that out after stamping it and coloring it.

  6. Thank you for such amazing inspiration! I found my way here by way of 2 Peas - - and this is such a super cool idea!!

  7. This is a cute project.
    I love your mini book.

  8. This is so cool, Betsy! Love it!!


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