Aug 13, 2010

Like Dogs with Hooves and a Peek

Gotta tell ya:

I just LOVE goats.  They are like dogs with hooves, don't you think?  So adorable!  And check out those eyes!  

This "mosaic" was made at Big Huge Labs .  Love that site and can't wait to try more features there! 

I made a little gift for dear niece's birthday.  Here's a peek:

 and you can see the rest of it here!  Check it out - it's an easy way to make a great little gift for someone!

Wish I could share more, but I'm wiped!  Hope to show you my flea market treasures next time around!

thanks for stopping by! - betsy


  1. Naaahhhhh! -said in my best goat voice.... :)

    Let's go flea marketing!!! Miss you!

  2. that site looks cool! and i love goats, too!

    my friend had some and i just loved them

  3. Cute cute mini! I love sheep, actually--my fave animal. Along with elephants. I like to get creative:)


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