Aug 9, 2010

The Beach Rocks!

I know what you're thinking!  Ya, ya, ya - the beach DOES rock, but I'm talking about beach ROCKS:

The beach we visit has the coolest beach rocks.   Every wave brings a loud clatter of thousands of rocks banging against each other.  And they are tumbled and tossed smooth into the most interesting shapes.  These rocks are fun. You can do a lot with them.  And we do spend a bit of our vacation playing with these rocks.  Well, I think it's just me who might play with these things . . . 

The boys were inspired by another kid they saw who was creating the most amazing "impossible" towers with these rocks.  "Impossible" because he stacked the most unusually shaped rocks on top of each other.  His towers seemed to defy physics by standing without support.  My boys were totally amazed and made some tiny towers, just to try. Nothing like the "impossible" creations they saw, but cool, none the less:

and I OF COURSE had to use my scrapbooking supplies on a rock . . .

and make a simple paper weight . . .

I'll be sharing more from vacation . . . cool treasure hunting days, goats, America the beautiful, . . . all good . . .

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  1. You make even a rock adorable ;)

  2. That rock is awesome! So very clever!

  3. Your photography is just awesome, and so inspiring Betsy!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really do appreciate it. x

  4. Love those rock pictures Betsy ;)
    So cool !


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