Aug 3, 2010

By the Pond . . .

For days I've been looking out my bedroom window at one lone gorgeous orange daylilly.  The only flower to survive dh's sudden urge to rid the pond's edge of 'weeds'.  It was so striking against the bright green duckweed that I needed a photo:

and as I took it, I noticed that Mr. Dragonfly got in the shot, so I took another and he had enough:

but then he came back and actually smiled at me . . . 

yep, that's a smile all right . . .

I had made a little jar label the other day that truly had nothing to do with the fact that dh cut down the weeds by the pond that weren't really weeds:

I always loved that quote: "One woman's weeds are another woman's wildflowers."  Everything by American Crafts.

Have you seen the new monthly gallery here.  Jaw droppin' stuff.  Just incredible.

thanks so much for stopping by! - betsy


  1. Oh Betsy!!!

    I am speechless and all stirred up over the stunning photos! Dragonflies in NC = Nanna for me. Oh! Thank you for that. I so needed to see her right now.

  2. amazing photos! And I love your journal!

  3. So totally awesome, that great dragonfly photo and that weed jar.

  4. Love your dragonfly encounter. Thanks for sharing the story.
    And yes, weeds... all depends on our perspective.


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